Skateboard & Anti-Social Deterrents

Skateboard & Anti-Social Deterrents

skateboard deterrents

Tactile Paving Supplies has a range of deterrents which stops skateboarders, roller bladers and BMX bikers from damaging the edges of expensive hard landscape installations and material such as wall tops, copings, steps, benches ect.

We can manufacture 35 mm diameter spheres to fit onto the edge of walls and copings. These can be machined to any profile from square 90 degree corners to any radius required. The 35 mm spheres can been manufactured to bolt onto tubular handrails.

We also manufacture straps which can be used on wall tops but these are ideal for steps as they are low profile and don’t create a trip hazard.

We manufacture cone shaped studs which can be used on window sills and wall tops to stop people sitting where they are not wanted.

TPS is open to any new ideas or designs and can manufacture bespoke products to order.