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A Service On Time

We deliver a fantastic service and it will be completed on the given timescale, no job is too big or too small. We can complete the work in a time to suit you.

tactile paving quality service
A Quality Service

We provide a service that cannot be matched anywhere in the industry, we have worked with many huge clients and they have always been happy with our quality.

tactile paving nationwide
Nationwide Service

We can handle any tactile paving job around the country, no matter where you are based if you need quality tactile paving we are happy to provide that quality.

tactile paving
A Job Well Done

Tactile Paving Supplies will gurantee a good job well done as we manufacture, supply and install all the studs provided in our paving. Look no further choose quality.

Providing Tactile Paving For Any Demand

We Are Capable Of All Types Of Tactile Paving
tactile paving studs
Tactile Paving Studs

We manufacture different types of studs that can be retro fitted into any paving surface.

car park studs
Car Park Studs

We also have many studs that are great for marking out a car park. Different colours available.

low profile tactile studs
Low Profile Studs

Low profile studs are great for marking out pathways, steps or just to add that little bit of decoration.

skate stop studs
Skate Stop Studs

Skate stop studs do exactly as they say and stop skaters pulling tricks and skating on your walls or premises.

Latest Project

Apperley Bridge - Kirkstall Forge Train Stations

We recently completed a wayfinder system of tactile paving studs and guidance bars which helps pedestrians move safely around the platforms.

What Is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is the efficient movement of people in places and spaces. The word ‘wayfinding’ was first coined by Kevin Lynch in his 1960 book The Image of the City. Where he discussed how users understood their surroundings in constant and expected ways. His work had important influence in the field of urban planning and environmental psychology.

Since the word was first coined, wayfinding has evolved into a common component of buildings and urban environments across the world. It has developed into a behavioural science, using strategies which aid human navigation.